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Remote control - Water tight control box in impact resistant plastic - can be located for safe convenient operation up to 30 metres away from water heater.

Fully Automatic - With the exception of the drawing off of the hot water for the washing operation, all other operations, including filling, heating, temperature control, prevention of cold water backfill during hot water draw off and dual wash operations, are totally automatic.

Semi Automatic - These heaters offer automatic filling, temperature control and prevention of cold water contamination during hot water draw off. Drawing off the hot water and switching the elements are manual operations. (The element may be left on continuously as the thermostat will maintain the set temperature without overheating).

Manual - Water temperature is automatically controlled by the thermostat, all other operations need to be performed manually.

Single and three phase power -

  • Standard 240v single phase power supply is sufficient to operate 3kW and 4kW elements (up to and including 225 litre models).

  • 6kW, 9kW and 12kW elements (295 litre models and larger) require 400v 3-phase power supply

  • For exceptional circumstances a 6kW 240v single phase element is available, on request.

  • 3kW elements are also available in 3-phase- 380v for export requirements.

Copper / Aluzinc - Loheat's tough 20 gauge roll top copper cylinder and aluzinc outer casing are ideal for most water conditions. Aluzinc is tough and highly corrosion resistant , and gives the look of stainless steel.

Stainless steel - Stainless steel water heaters are recommended in areas of highly acidic water, where corrosion of the copper cylinder can occur, or in very hard water areas where frequent descaling may cause damage to copper cylinders. Stainless steel cylinders and tanks are manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel, and have proved to offer exceptional resistance in acidic and hard water areas.

In hard water areas it is strongly recommended that a water conditioner / water strainer be installed alongside the water heater. We offer two systems for scale control which can be seen here.

Failure to protect the water heater from the effects of limescale deposit will invalidate the Warranty.

Dual Wash - This is a standard feature on Loheat Dairy Water Heaters of 160 litres and larger. Simply heat the full capacity of the water heater during the off peak period (typically midnight to 7am) and use half for morning cleaning and half for the evening cleaning and then refill. The total capacity of the heater must be sufficient to supply water for the accumulated total requirement of both washes. Savings of about 70% are available during off peak period. A time clock is necessary to ensure that after the evening milking, the element does not switch on until the off peak period is reached. Note:- you must have an off peak electric meter and be on an Economy 7 type tariff with your electric supplier to make this saving.

Time clock - Where economy 7 or low tariff electricity is to be taken advantage of, a timer is essential to optimise effective energy saving. When power is used at standard rates it will ensure the element is not turned on until such time as required, resulting in energy cost savings and an extended element life.

Use of stands - A range of easy assembly galvanised stands is available in three heights for each size of water heater. Wall mounting is possible for all sizes below 225 litres. It is however highly recommended that stand mounting be used for all larger capacity heaters. Under no circumstances should the retaining brackets or side strips that are fitted to models 225 and above be used for wall mounting. These brackets are provided for security to tie stand / floor mounted heaters to the wall for safety.

Float / solenoid fill - A safe and low maintenance electrical float system employing a wide angle anti-limescale float switch operating a solenoid valve through a low voltage safety relay.

Vacuum required - If you choose to have the vac-pac as an optional extra, this requires direct connection to the milking parlour vacuum system, to ensure correct operation of the heater.

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